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Tampa FL 33614
Phone: (813) 805-8568

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Phone: (813) 805-8568

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Pizza, Tampa, FL


We welcome feedback from our customers. Thank you for taking the time and effort to let us know how we are doing and any improvements that you would like to see. If you request follow up, every effort will be made to reply to you within 24 hours, Monday through Friday.



  1. Very nice site!

  2. I absolutely LOVE Bruno’s. Im origionally from up north and Bruno’s pizza is just like being up north! LOVE IT. It’s SOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!!!!!! =) And very cool website!

    Comment by Rachael
    September 16, 201011:20 am
  3. Bruno’s is some of the best inexpensive pizza around! Try ‘em! We’ve been eating there for years.

    Comment by Fujisawa Rob
    September 20, 20101:52 pm
  4. Great pizza and great website. The pictures of the pizzas are really small though.
    I was trying to show my dad the pizza but you can’t see anything.

    But everyone should try this place.
    Everything is hand made, unlike papa johns or dominos. The people there are really friendly and you can tell they care about their pizza.

    Comment by Nate
    November 1, 201010:10 pm
  5. Ever heard you get what you pay for? Not for real the menu is great, food is great and at a very resonable price. Been going to brunos for 5 years, since I first discovered it in 2006.

    Comment by J Reyes
    March 22, 20117:56 am
  6. We order from Bruno’s a few times a month and find that they are fantastic most of the time. But, from time to time, the crust is burned and it ruins the entire pie.

    Comment by Marie
    March 27, 20112:29 pm
  7. Bruno’s is one of the best Pizzerias around,, I’m from up north myself and they come Very close to up north pizza.. Very Good and Good price also.. Hey open one up in Riverview… lol

    Comment by Nelson
    May 26, 201111:57 am
  8. I have not had a Brunos cheesesteak in years. My boyfriend just moved down from Ohio and has a pizza fetish. Told him to go to Brunos, I never had the pizza, but he is on his way home now with pizza and cheesesteak with the works for me. YUM. I cant wait.

    Comment by Yummy
    August 26, 20118:13 pm
  9. I know them since they opened in 1995…We order a few times a month & 90% of the time they are Perfect.. Every now & then You’ll get a Dry Pie or a Light Antipaste~ They’re always glad to take care of it 1 way or another.. Great Job Guys ! Does any on know that’s an old Caboose they are in on Waters ?????

    They built the pizza shop out of it …..It’s Still on the Railroad Tracks !

    Comment by Wayne
    August 31, 201110:44 am
  10. Our family has been enjoying Bruno’s Pizza since 1993. Bruno’s is like a Tampa institution (just like Bo’s Ice Cream)…You just can’t visit Tampa without trying either, if you don’t, then you missed out the best Pizza & Ice Cream places in Tampa! These places have been around for years and rightfully so! We have tried just about everything on the menu at Bruno’s and everybody in the family has their favorites and everything is so good! I live across the state now but everytime I come home to Tampa for a visit, I just can’t call it a visit without picking up a pizza and wings from Bruno’s! By the Way, LOVE THE SITE! and many, many “Thank You’s” to you guys for the AWESOME Pizza & Wings over the years!

  11. Is a very nice place great food for a nice price…Been eating here for the past 6 yrs…

  12. I’m in Tampa and getting ready to go pick up my Bruno’s Pizza & Wings!..Bruno’s Pizza is always a “must” when I am in town…My previous post from Sept. 23, 2011 was dead on the money…LOL! Well, gotta run, my pizza & wings are ready for pick-up!

    Comment by Robert
    February 5, 20121:50 pm
  13. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! I have been going to this location for 5 years now. Always fresh, always hot (had to roll down the because the windows were fogging up). Customer service is exceptional. Great pizza, great prices. Highly recommended. (ate the left overs for breakfast).

    Cya soon!

    Comment by Repeat Customer
    February 17, 20122:35 pm
  14. Bruno’s Pizza is amazing. Even if it is just a drive through slice. It is fast and affordable!! Tastes amazing cold in the morning too!!!

    Comment by Lynda
    May 18, 20122:03 pm
  15. I never tried this place because I didn’t think a drive-through Italian restaurant would be too good. I’m from Rhode Island and grew up in a Italian neighborhood and am very picky about my Italian food. Last night I figured I’d try Bruno’s and I’m glad I did! I got a “Family sized” spaghetti and meatballs plate, and not only was it good, but it was only $11.99 and honestly, it could have easily fed 6 people. Myself, my wife, my son and my friend all at good and there was still half of it left. Tasty sauce and garlic bread. Great job Bruno’s!

    Comment by David Tartaglia
    May 21, 20128:30 am
  16. My mom has been taking me to Bruno’s since i was a kid and it is the only pizza i have fallen in love with. It’s perfectly cooked every time i have gone and I agree Bruno’s is a must when you have a craving for pizza. (And i agree that Bo’s has the best ice cream as well, you guys would be the ultimate duo) :)

    Comment by Jackie
    May 21, 20128:18 pm
  17. i’ve been eating here since i was 13….im 27 now!! pizza has always been and still is the best!! always fresh. always yummy. LOVE IT HERE!!!

    Comment by Raquel
    January 28, 201310:40 am

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